Client Stories February 13, 2024

Clients Fall in Love with PDX

Clients Kate and Nik moved to the Portland area after traveling around and living in 11 states. They made offers on several homes and got beat out in a seller’s market. But perseverance and positive attitudes won out and now they call Portland their home.

Kate and Nik explain further why they decided to buy a home in Portland:

“For years we had been trying to decide where the perfect place would be for us to call home. It had to be somewhere that not only allowed us to pursue our individual careers, but a place where we could connect with nature and with good people. It had to be somewhere that we would love to live. We both spent some time living in the southwestern US, and we can both say “we didn’t love that”. We also lived in various other parts of the US and while we liked some of those areas, none of them were the right fit. The PNW was an area of the country that seemed out of reach for us, and yet we kept finding ourselves talking about how that was probably where we would end up someday. We loved the idea of living near the mountains, the ocean, great food, wine country, and the many other features of the PNW. So when the opportunity showed up for us to move to Portland, we jumped on it! We moved into a rental in North Portland where we absolutely fell in love with the walkability of the area, the amazing neighbors, and the crazy good food scene. It wasn’t long before we knew that our cross-county move to Portland was the right move, and so we decided after a few months to put down some roots and buy a house. We found a house in SE Portland that we loved, so we bought it!”

Since settling in, they share some of their favorite things about their home and Portland:

“We absolutely love how much character this house has! We’ve never lived in a house that was built over a hundred years ago, but with that age comes character and just so many things that aren’t found in new houses, like built-ins, leaded windows, and mortise locks. Speaking of character, we were excited to get a house with a fireplace, but then we found out it was designed for coal instead of wood. We didn’t even know that was a thing! So cool! So much to learn! But the house isn’t the only thing we are loving; the area (like so much of Portland) has so many shops and restaurants in such a short distance. Jam on Hawthorn has already become a staple breakfast spot for us. Don’t even get us started on the coffee shops and food carts! So good. Hawthorn Asylum: love it! And when we need to go to downtown, it’s only a 10 minute bus ride. We decided that in true Portland style we would invest in some bicycles so that we can explore the neighborhood and the city even more. We’ve never lived in a place that was so bike-friendly. There’s just so much to see and do and we are loving it!”